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Jon Trevor is a celebrity trainer and TV expert, for over 30 years he has continually pushed the boundaries of his career, diversely talented he has the tenacious ability to make things happen. 

Jon started coaching in 1982 at his local Marital Arts club, by the nineties he had established the first ‘train the trainers’ company which provided personal trainers with work based education, this NVQ style fitness industry training was pioneered by Jon and uniquely provided club members with personal training, and personal trainers with industry recognised experience and continued professional development. His company The Fitness Partnership, was first in the UK to offer this in house structure within private health clubs across London and Kent borders.

This led Jon to be invited as a ‘fitness ambassador’ and present at conventions for the leading fitness industry training providers YMCAfit and contribute towards the development of their Personal Training Certificate, Jon also mentored students studying their YMCAfit personal training diploma.

In 1999 Jon launched Fit4 THE PART a dedicated service providing the entertainment industry with specialist programmes for the occupational health and fitness of performing artistes, the service was established after Jon worked with the chart topping singer Marti Pellow. About to launch into his solo career after leaving the successful pop group WetWetWet, the artiste and his management were bemused by how challenging they found it to source the right fitness trainer, a trainer who had years of experience, was a leader in the field, and one who came recommended with the essential skill and experience at working behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour.

There’s no business like show business, it's a close knit society with a family of professionals that work in a unique industry with unique challenges. Performers work in an image aware, demandingly physical, mental and emotionally taxing environment, Jon quickly recognised the need for an occupational specialist service within the industry and so launched ‘Fit4 THE PART’

Having been recommended and tagged as “one of the most sought after experts in show business today” word worked swiftly, leading Jon  front of camera for broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky television. With a quest to motivate larger audiences he decided to attend media training in 2005 and launched himself into the spotlight appearing regularly on television and radio as a health, fitness and lifestyle TV Expert, Jons' appeal spans audiences across the generations, with an inspirational style that combines factual information with a liberal sprinkling of fun. 

Jon Trevor is respected by his peers as an accomplished fitness entrepreneur, he has invented training devices in collaboration with sport scientists at Brunel University, designed commercial programmes to launch existing products into NEW rebranded directions, presented exercise DVD’s for International distribution, produced workout CDs’ and planned several health and fitness programmes for broadcast on TV and Radio. Jon has a compelling reputation, he is an ‘out of the box’ creative thinker with an impressive entrepreneurial track record, with his fingers firmly on the pulse Jon Trevor delivers added commercial diversity to health inspired projects and what’s next?




“one of the most sought after experts in show business today”