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Beyond Bespoke - 

Based on results orientated programme's that work! Beyond Bespoke is a recipe of training templates worthy of a Michelin star, select the course best suited for you, and your training recipe will be served according to your likes, dislikes, wants and needs, all carefully created by head chief Jon Trevor your Body By recipe will provide you with a service standard that delivers on your goals.

For a FOCUSED APPROACH Jon is a specialist in Fat Burning, Body Shaping, Breath Strengthening, Yogic Exercise, Pilates, Core Stability, Postural Fitness, Back Strengthening

-body balance targets lean and body fat ratios using the very latest techniques, and proven methods.    

-sports specific

From the field to the green, the court or the track, Jon Trevor's detailed and focused approach to improving, and maintaining your game is above and beyond the standard. His work with University professors, professional coaches and sporting athletes set's Jon Trevor's Sport Specific services apart from the competition.




New U Menu - 

Break through to a new you, with tried and tested methods, methods that work, and methods that are clearly defined.

48 days, 48 hours, 48 mins. The very best way to get the very best result from preparing your dish is to follow precise instructions, if you follow a recipe you'll get the dish, Jon Trevor's tried and tested recipe has been tweaked, taste tested and trialed hundreds of times before its absolutely Michelin Star perfect, Master chef's have studied their craft, spending hours, days, months and years perfecting their service. Jon Trevor's NEW U Menu is just that, a Michelin Star personal fitness plan recipe based on the result of the results, what works is in, what doesn't is out! This formula has been perfected over many years to deliver a workout recipe that delivers on the promise. 


This personal training package is active for 48 days, you receive a nutritional plan to follow along with a specific exercise recipe, once a week Jon Trevor will visit you to check your progress and make adjustment accordingly.

New U Menu is the definitive collection combining three key workout elements [ Fat Fast 48, #HardCore and High5 ] this combination of strength, fat burn and flexible strength is the ideal shape up plan.




Family Matters - 

The modern world we live can be a stressful and demanding place, just fitting in daily life is a challenge, let alone organising and improving health and fitness.

Family Matters takes care of that management and organisation, a generation wellness service for your whole family. When you commission this service your taking responsibility for your families wellness, your daughter, son, wife, husband, parents and grandparents all are looked after.



Family Matters membership is becoming increasingly popular with clientele whom are away more than often, clients can work, rest and play in the comforting knowledge that is a professional taking care of their loved ones health and fitness needs. Jon Trevor believes a healthier family is a happy family, by commissioning this service you are showing that to you believe Family Matters. 




Active Ageing - BE AGILE BE ABLE




Fitness Medic -

With a passion to bring the science to the streets, JonTrevor's comprehensive 'exercise therapy' programmes looks deeply into how fitness can help change some of the crippling effects of so many modern diseases of today, and implements them into a bespoke fitness medic plan, often leasing with your medical care provider to get the very best results from your fitness regime.


Drug Free Alternatives? When you look at the NHS website and see the states below you would be amazed to think that STILL 93% of the population on our planet don't keep their bodies fit! This programme is in the specialist rage of the Jon Trevor collection of inspired workouts. Keeping up to date with the very latest scientific research into exercise therapy Jon is continually looking at ways to reduce the risk and effects of disease on the human body, he has experience working with many people who have been diagnosed with life changing conditions, from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Parkinson's, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis to Bipolar and ME.

-doctors orders - Has your doctor sugested you exercise more oftern to help your problems 

-physio fitt - bringing the gap

Recovering from an injury or lifestyle wear and tear can often be a long uphill struggle, Physio FITT assists both your physiotherapist and you, by bridging and maintaining home workfrequency, intensity, time and type of rehabilitative exercise, all guided directly with your physio therapy treatment programme. Jon Trevor will leas with your health care professional to bring you a more focused approach to your steps back to full recovery.


Club Class -

Club Class is an 'one for all and all for one 2 one' personal training group class, Jon Trevor's unique boutique bootcamp's take exercise to music personal training to the next level, with decades of practical exercise to music experience Jon's mastery of music to motivate is unprecedented.      


Choose from two options, book-in some of your friends and family for a home visit, or alternatively come along to one of Jon's Club Class open evenings, organised at select locations in and around London and Kent borders. Club Classes are unique and unlike any other class you have ever attended, it takes personal training group fitness to the next level. 

Course Club Classes are run for six weeks, at select locations with a limit of twenty participants (due to the high demand waiting lists are often in place) Locations include: Bromley and Central London

Private Club Classes Jon also offers an alternative smaller friends and family private group meetings, just gather five to ten participants, a place to meet, and Jon will do the rest.

CLUB CLASS COURSE - Six Weeks £120 includes £50 worth of equipment, exercise homework, weekly class attendance, personal assessment.

CLUB CLASS PRIVATE - Six Weeks £180 per person includes £50 worth of equipment, exercise homework, weekly group personal training and personal assessment. 


My Fit Design -