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In his late fifties Jon has the empathy to work with clients challenges for an active life in older years, while being fitter than most half his age Jon is comfortable keeping up with younger clients clients half his age.

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Often Physiotherapist simply haven't the time to visit you at home, many physios are extremely busy often seeing ten to fourteen patients in a day, this can then  relate to reduced quality length of time to focus on for your rehabilitation, often leaving patients with exercises to perform at home, PHYSIO FITT bridges  the gap between your therapist for detailed treatment.   


Jon Trevor has a 'can do' reputation that gets results, whether you need to get fit for your life, shape up for that special event or get beach body ready. Jon Trevor has over three decades of experience working with clients across the generations.


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Empowering Change

Jon's exceptional experience and motivational talent fuses the hottest techniques from around the globe, delivering you a comprehensive collection of inspired workouts that work, whether on location or in the privacy and convenience of your home.

The Ultimate Health & Fitness Collection combines over three decades of work, continually tweaked and perfected over the years, Jon Trevor incorporates the very latest techniques and research into every fitness prescription. 

A love affair with health & fitness has compelled Jon to seek the answer,  Jon is empowering as he has been there seen it and is an ambassadorial example, fit and reaching his later fifties, he continues to excel and live his life through health and fitness management.

Testing his health & fitness philosophy personally Jon fights back against several age and hereditary related medical conditions, which has led Jon to be an inspirational ambassidor across the generations, life skilled to empathise with old peeps, yet inspirational to the younger generation, both ages groups acknowledging and being inspired by his skill and experience.