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Valet De Chambré



Valet De Chambre presents personal attendance with his health & fitness 'body servant' service within a host of luxury hotel partnerships, which Jon proudly boast's are the 'Have Guru' jewels of service in the UK.

Designed for visiting clients Jon Trevor has established fitness partnership's with some the UK's most prestigious establishments, selected for their quality spar's and private fitness suites allows Jon to deliver his renown lifestyle management services within paralleled equality.

Have Guru services are available in the comfort and privacy of your hotel suite, alternatively you can experience your session in the hotels fitness suite, or in the fresh air of outdoors amidst London's iconic and memorable sights.                 


Ahead of your visit Jon will lease with your PA, management or team, and with consent discuss your specific requirements and any health related issues with your health care professional, Jon can then make informed arrangements for your continued health and fitness goals, providing a continued duty of care while across the pond in the UK.


As an actor you are called upon to perform in costumes, often these can be cumbersome and heavy, maintaining your characters physical poise in full costume for hours at a time is paramount.   Download NDA +