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Your body is the most important mode of transport you will ever look after, Jon is continually amazed at how many people look after their cars, better and with more care than their bodies! Servicing your car regularly, maintaining its pristine condition and having the yearly MOT is paramount to the future reliability of your car.... so why is it so hard for people to do this for their bodies?

With Shop Safe, from the very moment you decide to purchase any of the products to help maintain you body in perfect condition, you are guided by an expert, given top tip secrets, kept up to date with new workouts, all on the actual product you have purchased.                 


For years Jon has seen products come and go, he's witnessed and heard of injuries on equipment because of the lack of guidance, he's heard hundred and hundreds of stories about miss guided products that just are not right for the user, he has seen hundreds of video's that just are not appropriate for the participant.

So what did Jon decide to do about this problem, he presented a on line shopping environment were the customer is truly looked after, not just left behind after the sale, CORE STORE is the place were customers are guided towards their goals, were customers are not just left to their own devices to get on with it! 

Each product has a complete 'expert' pre shopping guide video, who's it for, how can you progress, whats the next stage, how do you workout with it, what fit tips are there for this product, and much much more...

ALL backed up with a complete WORKOUT WELL guide every single product rather than gathering dust after six month, comes with video progress opportunities for you to get the very best experience from your product, leading ultimately to the very best for your body, out of each product for sale in Jon's unique CORE STORE.      


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