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Family Membership

Burn FAT FAST with the latest personal training techniques around the globe. Tone tighten, improve your flexibility and totally transform your body with BEYOND BESPOKE personal training, or jump start your new fitter, leaner, stronger you with Jon Trevor's infamous STARTER PACK for getting your body and mind excited and on track to move forward.

Bride & Groom Special 

Bride & Groom Makeover is as every part of your big day planner, making certain those photo shoots are nothing to be worried about. Your marriage is a new a new chapter in your life, Bride & Groom special starts you on that new chapter the healthiest you've properly ever been.

This special package also includes the option of purchasing as a wedding gift token, traditionally gift are given after the big day, what better way to give than the gift of health, knowing that your bride or groom will be the best looking to capsulate in wedding photo memories forever.



You need a specific look and or physical ability, you need someone highly experienced at working behind the scenes, who has decades of experience and knowledgeable of the production process, an insider who is trust worthy, comfortable and confident working in diverse nature of show business, you need a professional who is at home on set or location, and who comes recommended by your colleagues and peers.

Actors injured and unable to work is costly, Jon Trevor provides the AIR Assessment consultation as preventative injury measure saving production time and money.            



Family Membership is set up on Direct Debit your families, health, fitness and wellness, every quarter you will receive a client statement of account, any outstanding fee are paid and your membership continues to run for as long as you wish, keeping you and your loved ones on a preventative lifestyle for health and wellness. 

Bride & Groom Makeover planner gift box are what dreams for the big day are made of, weddings take months to plan, this is the ideal time to plan your body too. Gift packages are delivered in luxurious special white Him & Her's gift set and includes a personalised video message from Jon Trevor.