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to shape & tone your body...

The very best way to make the 'dish' is to follow tried and tested precise instructions, follow a recipe to the letter and you'll get the dish! Master chef's have studied their craft and spent hours, days, months and years perfecting their service, as a master chef (sorry trainer) Jon Trevor has tried, tested and perfected his formula over many years to deliver a service that is second to none, with workout recipes that deliver on the promise. 


FatFast 48 is a training plan designed by Jon Trevor to maximise your body's fat burning potential, by targeting a combined nutritional plan with exercises at specific times in the week. This method of burning body fat is based on the science of how and when fat is maximised as fuel, in addition to a recognised established eating regime designed by nutritionalists 'FatFast 48' incorporates cardiovascular and resistance workout disciplines to shape a leaner, fitter, stronger new you.

#HardCore uniquely super trains the deepest Abdominal muscles in a way you have never before! Jon Trevor's tummy flattening, torso tightening 'hard core' workouts are a secret only his clients can experience, transformed away from traditional abdominal training Jon request's his clients keep his hard core recipe 'under wraps' subsequently clientele frequently recommend friends and family to Jon Trevor for just this service alone, sometimes travelling hundreds of miles to see him.

Jon has over 30 years experience of whats hot & whats not training techniques from around the globe, his unique approach takes Ab toning to the next level and is a firm favourite with clients seeking the ultimate beach body.     


Cardio FLX is a stretching combination of powerful yogic and dynamic movements, Jon Trevor designed this high intensity combo to encourage clients to incorporate more muscular flexibility into their home work. Cardio FLX fuses controlled aerobic momentum with active and static stretching strength, this guides clients into extended ranges of movement while not exceeding their static stretch ability.