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Diversely Distinct

The diverse nature of show business, places the performing arts high on the list of physically demanding occupations, echoing the old adage "your body is your instrument" Jon Trevor has honed his training skills to support a variety of performance genre. 

Having worked with US and UK star's from stage and screen for over 14 years, JT is undoubtably a leading expert experienced with the unique challenges that face the world of show business today.


Entertainment professionals recognise the value in finding the right person who is trustworthy and confident working behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour.


The Fit4 the part menu has been compelled from Jon Trevor's experience working closely with talent at the heart of show business, with additional feedback from producers, directors and agents Jon proudly presents 6 of his most popular services, select the recipe that most suits your performance need then step forward towards getting fit4 the part by completing the AT YOUR SERVICE interest request at the foot of this page.