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Fitness Prescription

From tennis elbow to a torn ligament, from a slipped disk to rumatiod  Fitness Medic Keeping your body fit isn't all about looking great, its about feeling great too,  Jon Trevor brings his passion for the physical body and science to Fitness Medic, a two part service package which over the years has proven very popular across generations. 

The focus of Role Specific delivers in two parts, firstly the physical appearance and attributes of your character and secondly an in depth look at the physical demands and what specific fitness skills are required based on your present physicacality.

Reassuringly Experienced

At the turn of the Millennium after working with the lead singer in a high profile pop group ahead of launching his solo career , Jon identified the potential strain place on the voice and detrimental physical effect that poor breath support had on many of his clients, particularly with contemporary singers where artistes are particularly physical on stage.