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Jon Trevor is a Personal Trainer to High Profile Business & Entertainment Clientele, he is an accomplished Health & Fitness Broadcaster, TV Expert, Motivational Speaker and International Master Trainer.

Jt has directed his fitness professional career for over 30 years, he has helped thousands live healthier, more active lifestyles, in addition he is said to be "one of the most sought after fitness experts in show business today" with specialist knowledge working within the entertainment industry.



Jon Trevor delivers select training and nutritional services to discerning clientele from his bodyby portfolio collection, developed over many years Jt fuses cutting edge techniques from around the globe to embrace a balanced lifestyle to live, he works with absolute beginners to advanced fitness fans of any age.



Jon has worked with many star's from stage and screen both in the UK and from across the pond, his fit4thepart service's provide specific  occupational health and fitness to the entertainment industry, for over 16 career years he has worked with producers, directors and agents in helping with the preparation of talent for film, television and musical theatre.

Jon Trevor provides show biz professionals with the help and experience needed for not only a characters physical development but a combined focus on managing and reducing injury risks both on and off screen.

Jon also presents Show Business Industry Workshop's for Drama Academies and Production Companies, his industry specific masterclasses fit seamlessly into running shows and drama academy scholarships,  complementing every aspect of performance education.    



As well as residing behind the scenes Jon appears on screen as a TV Expert, called upon for his contributions on television and radio, his tvwork presents factual information with a liberal sprinkling of fun, his unique infectious style relates to audiences across the generations. 

Jon has worked on TV shows and documentaries for the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 5 broadcasters, Jon also presents as an expert guest on various TV shopping channels & in DRTV.



With expanse knowledge and adept years of experience Jon defines extraordinary within his field, his Body By and Fit4 thepart menu's along with his Shop Safe Workout Well on-line experience, stands Jon Trevor from the crowd as a unmatched, unrivalled, one of one fitness professional.     


 Jon Trevor has a 'Can Do' reputation that gets results!