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The Fitness Prescription is a Physical Wellness programme implemented (and often guided by your health-care physician) in colaboration with Jon Trevor in the form of detailed instruction specifically aimed to improve many illness, disease and medical disability.

There is a very long list of disorder's and or functions and symptoms in the body that can be elevated if not eradicated by the implication of a spesfic targeted wellness plan.       

Pysio Fitt

Assisting both you and your physiotherapist, Physio Fitt aids recovery by bridging and maintaining your prescribed home work therapy. Precision consistency is the key to fast, effective recovery, this is where the scientific formula of frequency, intensity, time and type for rehabilitative exercise is applied in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Doctors Orders

There have been many scientific studies on the benefits and reduction in the harmful effects of many disease's with different types of exercise and combined nutrition, if your doctor, cardiologist or orthopaedic consultant has suggested you would benefit from being more physically active then Fitness Medic is the service for you.