Continually pushing the boundaries of his career, Jon Trevor is diversely talented with the tenacious ability to make it happen.


The Nineties

With a passion for exercise to music and natural leadership skills Jon mastered choreographing studio based classes. Commanding large group fitness sessions Jon has progressed to presenting on an International stage in countries as far East as Japan.


Fitness Ambassador

Jon's "train the trainers" fitness partnership gained notable success, attracting the attention of leaders in fitness education. YMCAfit Director Robin Gargrave invited Jon to present as a 'fitness ambassador' and contributed towards the development of the YMCAfit personal trainer award. 



In 2005 Jon attended media training to offer professional TV Expert production services, front of camera he appears in TV Shows and Documentaries with an experienced resumé which includes working for broadcasters BBC 1, BBC  2, Channel 5 and Sky Discovery.


Jon's research of RMT along with the invaluable teaching knowledge passed to him by Prof. McConnell has led Jon to redefine the bounders of "total body conditioning" He has designed several unique workouts called 'ActiBreathe' By strengthening muscles inside & out, active breathing workouts help reduce limiting factors related to breathlessness and all over body fatigue during sports, fitness and other challenging activities.

Active Breathe Better

Jon approached the American Lifestyle Media company Gaiam UK's office in 2006 with a business model to launch their IMT dumbbell for the diaphragm product 'POWERbreathe' into a NEW rebranded direction with his ActiBreathe programmes. Subsequently POWERbreathe UK (formerly Gaiam UK) purchased the rights to ActiBreathe and Jon was commissioned to deliver on an International fitness professional certification programme, in addition to media products and branded fitness accessories.


Out of the box creative thinker Jon Trevor is an accomplished fitness entrepreneur with an impressive track record...







Body ByJon Trevor

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Show Business

In show business? Need to get performance fit for a specific role, close up or special event? look into one of Jon's specialist areas in occupational health & fitness.