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Step into Experience

Discover how over 30 years of motivational mastery has shaped Jon's world today, explore how this adept knowledge helps him embrace your needs and aspirations. 

With Jon's TV works, Classes, and workout programme packages designed with over three decades of experience, across generations, images, of fit young AND OLD people, NO SPECIFICS on this page, it should reflect the general theme...REMEMBER THE HEADER ----- WORLD OF JON TREVOR (step into experience) will be an over view of specialist areas and heading below:


Above and Beyond

So much more than just personal training, with Jon driving your health & fitness lifestyle you go beyond bespoke, to unlock your true potential, so why 'Begin with Bespoke'? Learn about Jon's Philosophy of a 'Balanced Approach' and what works works in reality in a modern lifestyle today! How to 'Begin with Bespoke' and just what can you expect to experience from the Rolls Royce of personal training,

Jon's 'Above and Beyond' service promise, Have Guru Travel takes the old adage "going the extra mile" to another level, providing first class focused training which is totally committed to you and you only for a given amount of quality time both at home or away, this focus can produce results faster than your conventional workout schedules, simple because you have your "guru" with you, guiding what you eat and often working on different parts of your body for 3 to four hours every day, your very own bespoke bootcamp, gets results for an amazing body transformation, ideal for that very special event.                   

Location Location will let you know everything that is where, when and how, dont forget to put a button link to Location Location.   


There's No Business Like...

Why specialise in show business? Need for expert used to dealing with the challenges of the job not to get blinded by the glitz and glamour, trust, fast results,   

Who uses the service? agents, producers, actors- role specific , singers - vocal fitness, presenters - show specific, public figures - charity fitness.

Location Location will let you know everything that is where, when and how. 

Have Guru Travel - Handy service used to focus before filming, HGT was born when an actor requested Jon travel to france for a focussed approach before his return to filming schedule.