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JT has spent over thirty years training clients with equipment and products, he knows what works and what doesn’t! The combination of Jon’s comprehensive health fitness knowledge and years of live TV experience has led him to launch a streaming platform to help people get more out of their product purchases.

Jon Trevor has designed a one of a kind on-line shop, through his FITTV his new on-line store brings his pt knowhow direct to you, and for the first time packaged single and multiple fitness products together alongside workout well videos providing you with the complete personal product guidance package.

shop safe…

Firstly shop safe with confidence on this website, the padlock symbol in your browser bar above gives you the assurance your personal data and information are secure, savvy on-line shoppers only buy from padlock secure websites.

Secondly Jon’s unique ‘shop safe’ stamp of approval is based around personal recommendation with an undeniable pledge to ensure every item offered to you is ‘fit’ for purpose and delivers on product promise.

To further help you decide on your purchase Jon Trevor’s FITTV shopping channel gives you not only a overview of his product portfolio, with expert guest and live customer reviews, but Jon put’s many to the test, making Jon Trevor’s FITTV the specialist shopping channel with a difference.

Best Pick Produces - Body Fitness Part Lead

PrePurcase Product Review - Selected Products

Next Step - Out of Box & Secret SetUp

Best Bang - Get the most out of your purchase

workout well…

WORKOUT WELL - Continuing the theme of personal recommendation Jon Trevor provides a free workout video to download with each and every product, along with top tips and trainer secrets you not only shop safe with great products you can workout well with personal training guidance.

To get the very best continued results from your purchase, after your initial free download, you are able to select from a series of directed personal training workouts, wether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness fan never again will that heath and fitness equipment be banished to the attic or cast aside to the charity shop.

The Hook - Beginners Free Welcome

Monitoring Progress - Free

see The Gains - Free

Advancing Fitness Products - Free

The Hook - Intermediate Free Welcome

power House Challenge - paid for

Core More - paid for

Advancing Fitness Products - Free

Building Levels - Free

Break into Advanced Training - paid for

Buddy Training - paid for

Site Your Gym intro - free

Shuffle Workout (iPhone only) - paid for

The Hook - Advanced Free Welcome

Hard Core - paid for

Hitt It Up - paid for

Advanced Technique - Free

Circuit City - paid for (on the urban move)

Circuit Shuffle - paid for

Body Sculpting - paid for

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