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Perhaps you have an old injury that could cause you problems or have challenging scenes running up flights of stairs, or perhaps you have that worrying love scene your not body confident about?

Role Specific is a functional focus that delivers in two parts, firstly the physical appearance and attributes of your character and secondly an in depth look at the physical demands and what specific fitness skills are required based on your present physicality.


AIRA is an ‘Activity Injury Risk Assessment’ consultation service that will pre-empt any physical fitness injury risk associated with active scenes, you may have an old injury that could be aggravated, there maybe repetitive actions that could give you cause for concern.

Along with your physical assessment Jon can marry the AIRA information to prepare your role specific training schedule, giving you a detailed injury risk reduced plan to get you fit 4 the part, on time and in budget. 

Actors injured and unable to work is costly, Jon Trevor provides the AIRA consultation as preventative injury measure saving production time and money, Jon will identify a plan to help reduce your performing inury risk.