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Functional Focus

The focus of Role Specific delivers in two parts, firstly the physical appearance and attributes of your character and secondly an in depth look at the physical demands and what specific fitness skills are required based on your present physicacality.

Along with a physical RISK OF INJURY assessment Jon Trevor will then marry this information to prepare your pre-production training schedule giving you a detailed schedule to get you fit 4 the part, on time and in budget. 


The Act of Acting is Very Physical

Reassuringly experienced Jon has over 14 years working at the heart of the entertainment industry, he has experience preparing actors for Hollywood block buster films and roles in TV Drama both in the UK & US, he has worked the cast of several West End shows and maintains the health and fitness needs of many show business professionals.

Jon is either hired directly by the actor or commissioned by producers to work with the talent, he has worked for BBC on various shows and drama series and with actors in British and American feature films.

In addition to helping talent get fit4 the part Jon provides specific 'activity injury risk' (AIR) assessments, this consultation based service is often engaged to identify possible fitness related injury risk of individual actors that may have sustained a previous old injury that may hinder or delay filming.