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Physical Performance 

Many scenes may challenge your fitness, are you required to run, jump, climb or wear a heavy costume for hours? You have an old injury that could cause you problems? You have a challenging scene running up five flights of stairs, your "out of breath" you need to deliver your lines.

Your physical performance needs will be identified and incorporated into your training, your present fitness level will determine your training schedule and pre-production fitness training time line.    

Character Defined

Jon will need to know everything that you and your director desire for your characters look what does your secret agent look like, how does a boxer look, how about a super hero, is your character athletic, whats his or her posture like, does your character wear tight revealing or restrictive clothing?   

Air Assessment

Activity Injury Risk is a consultation service that will pre-empt any physical fitness injury risk associated with active scenes, you may have an old injury that could be aggravated, there maybe repetitive actions that could give you cause for concern, Jon will identify a plan to help reduce your risk.



You need a specific look and or physical ability, you need someone highly experienced at working behind the scenes, who has decades of experience and knowledgeable of the production process, an insider who is trust worthy, comfortable and confident working in diverse nature of show business, you need a professional who is at home on set or location, and who comes recommended by your colleagues and peers.

Actors injured and unable to work is costly, Jon Trevor provides the AIR Assessment consultation as preventative injury measure saving production time and money.            



You, your agent, producer or director will contact Jon Trevor directly, alternatively fill in the contact form here Jon will arrange a complimentary consultation to establish your requirements.

Based on your whats, needs and present fitness he will design a specific pre-production periodisation programme customised to your filming schedule, that delivers you Fit 4 the part on time and ready for action!