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Injury Experience

Keeping the balance between being good or naughty is often a challenge for most of us, occasionally that extra bit of good help is needed.

Temptation is always there, red carpet events, PA's, openings nights, the list go's on... in addition as active occupations go the entertainment industry is fraught with injury risks, as you continually use your body day after day, in challenging active roles putting your mind and body under continual stress.

Jt has managed the recovery of many clients from physical injury, helping keep physiotherapist's instructions for recovery on target and improving recovery time, Jon Trevor also has extensive experience working with recovering clients from addiction and substance abuse, he has also worked closely with clients suffering mental health issues and is often referred by a clients therapist or the talents management.

Non Disclosure

It goes without saying that Fit4 thepart services are all subject to non-disclose, and where applicable NDA contracts are in place with several clients either for personal preference or contractual filming obligation.

It is respectfully paramount that the personal wishes of every client are totally adhered to at all times and Jt's work is kept completely out of the public eye, unless a client specifically allows disclosure  |  exploremore