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Functional Fitness

What is functional fitness for show specific training? Being a high injury risk area why is it better for talent and production to have a fitness professional on board. 

Remember attention spans are short, keep it snappy, punchy, and above all stick to the facts! What would a producer like to read here? What would the talent like to read?  

Mention below the two areas covered by Show Specific, mention the benefits to production, (remember lion king story! Injury after injury) Remember (Strictly - old injuries rearing their head, reduced risk from other filming series work while doing Strictly)  Why is this service different from your competition? Mention below experience trust and boast what you have achieved. 


Reassuringly Experienced

Jon Trevor has worked on the fitness preparation with winning contestants in the TV show 'STRICTLY COME DANCING' he has looked after Sir Andrew Lloyd Webbers Joseph hopefuls on the talent show 'ANY DREAM WILL DO' and had a helping hand in the make over transformation of an X Factor winner.

Jon has also worked with many ensemble performers and musical theatre leads helping them get fit, stay fit and remain injury free in West End shows such as Les Misérables, Cats, Lion King, Chicago, Top Hat and more.

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