Spotlight FIX

Spotlight Fix

Most performers have one area their not close-up happy with, Spotlight Fixprovides a focussed approach to your troubled parts! Maybe you need sculpted flat abs, shapely legs, a firm butt, chiselled chest or pumped arms? Using the very latest training techniques from around the globe this programme delivers faster results than conventional methods, so whatever you’re close up needs, these workouts provide structured programmes using every trick in the book to fit your time schedule.

With fast results this programme focuses on specific body parts with structured and targeted schedules to get you close up ready, Kylie Minogue pictured here famously make's a visible appearance of her physical assets, by frequently rocking the pop world with an iconic portrayal of her sensational posterior. Fit4 services have been carefully designed to bring occupational health and fitness to a wide range of artistes, the reference to an individual performer on this page serves to highlight a specific programme, any of the links do not imply an endorsement by the artiste Kylie Minogue her agents, management or producers.