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Spot Tight & Tone 

LOOK AT USING AN IMAGE OF EMS ABOVE-Using the very latest technology in targeted muscle toning with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Jon has designed specific series of exercise combos which focus very specifically on that spot light fix area, he uses tech and techniques from around the globe to shape and tone your specific body part.

SPOTLIGHT FIX - Abs, Bum, legs, chest and arms using the fastest techniques and equipment in the industry.



CU Ready

Quick fix and firm your close up body part  your  With Jon's respected connections within the Show business community, ideally places his in a good position to build celebrity teams, taking on training, injury prevention,the S Jon will help reduce the impact of injury while maintaining a forward thinking strategy for your return to full recovery by connecting with your physiotherapy, helping keep rehabilitation constant exercise.



Build Performance Stamina > Reduce Risk of Injury > Improve Competitive Edge > Enhance Performance Delivery > Combat New Skills



PRE-SHOW Fitness Skills training : : Performance stress, substance abuse, physical exhaustion are all areas Jon Trevor has experience, he has worked with talent returning from collapse to launch a solo career, with talent on dependency helping

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