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Kardashian Kicks Cals!

Courtesy Mail On-Line

Courtesy Mail On-Line

Khloe has been keen to post her workout updates on Instagram, this is a great way to stay on track, social networks can give you support and motivation, in one post she boasts an insane 543 calorie burn-up in 35mins on the elliptical cross trainer, by turning the resistance up and adding speed burns more calories using upper and lower body parts together, with no impact.

I've estimated Khloe has dropped 2 dress sizes from a size 12 to an 8, reported to have lost 20lbs in 20days her twice daily workouts included a fat burning mix of cardio, circuits, yoga and more recently tweeting her buzz for boxing, mixing up workouts on a regular basis keeps your body burning those calories, challenging muscles on a daily basis works wonders!

Kardashian achieved her new super shape by combining her exercise discipline with eating non-starchy carbohydrates, including raw vegetables with a ‘low-carb’ favourite of snacking on Almonds which are packed full of goodness with plenty of muscle feeding Amino Acids to keep her strong.