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Vocal Fitness

Described as "the missing link" for the contemporary voice, this unique programme is a voice specific breath training component that targets what Jon calls the three breath major's, CONNECT, CONDITION, CONTROL all the breath support muscles, helping reduce voice injury and enhance vocal performance.

Developed in 2005 by Jon Trevor, Vocal Fitness enhances your breathing performance to new heights with non-voiced active conditioning, this very specific training was developed to help artistes perform challenging active vocal and physical performances with effortless smooth synergy, after Jon identified the strain place on the voice and detrimental effect poor breath support had on many of his clients, particularly in the contemporary singers arena where artistes are particularly physical on stage.   

Vocal support muscles and breath connection, condition and control are paramount to a healthy vocal performance, this becomes particularly challenging to the body if combined with activity, which then increases physical stress and risk of vocal injury, Vocal Fitness (VF) training creates a smooth synergy between your mouth, diaphragm and abdomen for complete functional voice support. Praised by professionals within the industry Jon Trevor's specific exercises have been used by actors, pop singers, opera singers and seasoned West End performers.   



Praised by professionals within the industry Jon Trevor's specific exercises have been used by actors, pop singers, opera singers and seasoned West End performers. In 2013 Jon was invited to trial his unique VF Training programme for two years with 1st & 2nd year drama students studying at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Performing Arts. 

“Jon with your vision you have finally brought performance breath into the 21st Century, single-handedly changing the tenor of breath training for performers beyond recognition..." 

     Head of Voice Mountview Academy - Mr Rick Lipton 


Active Support

This unique aspect of vocal fitness training improves your breathing endurance, scientifically conditioning your breathing muscles to make physical performances feel easier, making breathing feel effortless, reducing how much you feel "out of breath" vocal support is less compromised by the physicality of your performance, thus reducing the strain on your body and voice. Artistes find the vocal fitness programme partially helpful with live performances and make the endurance aspects of touring feel easier on you physical wellbeing. 


Connect, Condition & Control

Breath support is the engine driver for vocal fitness, Jon unique VF training practises what he call's the fundamental three C's for vocal support, make mindful connection with the breathing muscles, firstly feel, connect and discover, secondly you will condition your breath support muscles and finally train the ultimate in vocal support... control.        



Voice coaching has been studied and practised for centuries, little has changed with traditional breath support training, Jon has spent years developing this programme specifically for singing artistes, working with highly respected voice experts, he has developed his unique breath conditioning with active performances in mind, which is why Jon Trevor's VF training has been praised as uniquely transforming the way the 21st Century voice is developed.   


1- 2 - 1: Vocal artistes can book personal VF training, Jon has worked with individual singers and pop groups, breath conditioning for vocal support develops over an eight week VF training course.

Share Your Expeirence: VF training is available in groups, this particularly supports a Musical Theatre cast and bands.