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The Missing Link 

Described as "bringing traditional voice training into the 21st Century" with the "missing link" in vocal support, this unique programme is a targeted breath training component that solely focuses on what Jon calls the three 'C' breathing major's for voice support... CONNECTION, CONDITIONING & CONTROL all the breath support muscles, helping reduce voice injury and enhance vocal performance.

Developed in 2005 by Jon Trevor, Vocal Fitness enhances your breathing performance to gain a new mindful focus on breath control with respiratory active muscle conditioning, this very specific unique training method was developed to help artistes perform challenging active vocal and physical performances with effortless smooth synergy, helping contemporary active singing artiste's reduce voice injury risk and enhance vocal performance.

Reassuringly Experienced

At the turn of the Millennium after working with the lead singer in a high profile pop group ahead of launching his solo career , Jon identified the potential strain place on the voice and detrimental physical effect that poor breath support had on many of his clients, particularly with contemporary singers where artistes are particularly physical on stage.

Praised by professionals within the industry Jon Trevor's specific exercises have been used by actors, pop singers, opera singers and seasoned West End performers.

In 2013 Jon was invited to trial his unique VF Training programme for two years with 1st & 2nd year drama students studying at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Performing Arts. 

“Jon with your vision you have finally brought performance breath into the 21st Century, single-handedly changing the tenor of breath training for performers beyond recognition..." 

     Head of Voice Mountview Academy - Mr Rick Lipton