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Welcome to Jon Trevor's Health & Fitness Lifestyle Services, established in 1982 Jon has over three decades experience working with clients across the generations. Come in and look around the World Of JT, be inspired to take your first steps to an improved quality of life or revive your focus for a leaner, fitter, stronger you.       


Clientele are becoming increasing aware that engaging a personal trainer is one of the most important investment you'll ever make, it champions any life insurance policy, why? Because it not only reduces your risk of dying younger and reduces your risk of many deseases change your life improves, and as an added bonus the energy and vigur you feel when physically fitter improves your work, rest and play performance. 

In fact i would go on to say investing in someone who has your future health in hand is a better investment option than private medical insurance, by reducing your risk of medical trauma in the first place. 




Personal Trainer Presenter Broadcaster



Jon Trevor is considered to be one of the most distinguished personal trainers in the UK today, he is a fitness professional with a wealth of global experience helping thousands live healthier more active lifestyles for over 30 years. 

In addition Jon provides occupational health and fitness services to the entertainment industry, helping star's from stage and screen get FIT 4 THE PART™, he has worked 16 of his career years at the heart of show business. 


As well as residing behind the scenes Jon Trevor appears on screen as a TV Expert, often called upon for radio interviews and contributions on television, he has worked on shows and documentaries for the BBC, Sky, ITV and channel 5 broadcasters, Jon also presents as an expert guest on various TV shopping channels & DRTV.


"client satisfaction and personal recommendation is the only true measure of my success..."