The Act of Acting is very Physical, this character driven service focuses on an actors physical actributes and ability with an in depth look at reducing performance injury risk. 

Role Specific delivers by identifying your character's fitness physicality, and marrying your development needs to a pre-production training schedule, while also identifying performance injury risks.

Jon Trevor is an expert experienced with the unique challenges that face the world of show business today, he has prepared actors for roles in films such as Master and Commander, Exorcist - The Beginning, An American Haunting, The Sick House and Route Irish to name a few.

Jon has also worked with actors for TV drama series including Tom Jones, Rebel Heart, Nicholas Nickleby, Spooks - MI-5, The Bill and many more including a number of award winning continuing drama's..



From Rock, Pop to Musical Theatre, this programme's focus is on fitness preparation and injury risk reduction for a specific show, be it stage or screen.  Jon works with talent in preparation for TV shows such as 'STRICTLY COME DANCING' and Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'ANY DREAM WILL DO' and has helped actors get and stay 'fit4thepart' in many west end shows including Les Misérables, Cats, Lion King, Chicago, Top Hat & many more.



Leading traditional voice support into the 21st century, Jon's unique breathing fitness expertise helps Connect, Condition and Control respiratory muscles helping reduce the competitive effort of combined singing and breathing in high intensity active performance, which helps increase stage confidence and reduce performance anxiety.  

Developed in 2005, Jon Trevor's vocal fitness enhances breathing conditioning and coordination to gain a new mindful focus on breath control, this very specific and unique training method was developed to help artistes perform challenging active performance with effortless smooth vocal synergy, to reduce the risk of voice injury and enhance delivery for high energy performances.



Most performers have one area their not close-up happy with, spotlight fix provides a focussed approach to your troubled parts! Maybe you need sculpted flat abs, shapely legs, a firm butt, chiselled chest or pumped arms?

Using the very latest training techniques from around the globe this programme delivers faster results than conventional methods, so whatever you’re close up needs, these spotlight fix workouts provide structured programmes using every trick in the book to fit your production time schedule.



Rehab Return is a group of programmes designed for your rehabilitation and the return to work, the aim of the service is to provide an aftercare series, gradually introducing personalised fitness programmes that assist with your physical and or psychological recovery.

Jon Trevor has years of know-how working with physical injury, surgery recovery, drug and alcohol addiction, along with management of anxiety attacks and some stress disorders.

Bespoke rehabilitation programmes are designed for your return to work in association with your health care professional, physiotherapist or addiction treatment service, Jon has direct experience working 1 2 1 with show business clientele recovering from bone fractures, post injury surgery, bipolar and eating disorder’s along with addiction rehabilitation.



This unique aid service was established in 2005 to help a celebrity team and friends cycle over 200 miles from London to Cardiff raising over £20,000 for The Rhy's Daniels Trust.

And so CHARITABLY FIT was born, and over the years Jon's fitness training aid has helped and encouraged many show business personalities to sign up and get 'Fit4 THE PART' to run, cycle or swim in aid of many charities.

This service assists charities build celebrity teams, raising much needed funds and media awareness, Jon has been appointed as 'fitness guru' by several charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK, he has helped charity teams for Rhy's Daniels Trust, Christian Aid, London Air Ambulance to name a few.     

Safe in the knowledge that their celebrity teams are well looked after Jon's service help's further encourage other celebrities to confidently participate and take on active challenges, helping many stars from stage and screen safely and confidently take on charitable challenges. 


Fit4thepart Workshop's

Specific industry led fitness workshops are presented to show business professionals and drama students seeking to build specific health and fitness training in to a variety of performance genre.

Jon's entertainment industry fitness training is available for companies, seasoned professionals and drama academy students, these unique industry workshops and masterclasses explore fitness preparation, nutritional support and reduced injury management, a series of yearly Musical Theatre workshops are presented at the Royal Academy of Music in London and show specific workshops are available for Theatre Companies and Drama Academies.